I really like making my own videos and experimenting with special effects.  The following are a few things I've done for fun.
A 15 second test spot for Backporch Smokehouse.
"The Value Of Sleep For Creatives" is a short exercise I did to experiment with pre-composed animation, easing, blurs, overshoots, anticipation, and camera manipulation. 
Playstation logo animation with particle effect.
Coca-Cola logo animation with liquid effect.
In celebration of an unprecedented fourth straight head-to-head match up in the Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers! 
A dialogue test in Maya using a Regis Philbin clip I found.
A short "Welcome Back" video for a fantasy football league.
It's time to rumble again!
A short tribute to Michael Jordan, greatest player ever!
Logo animation with shatter effect.
Opening scene for The Brain Event.  A nightly trivia game for bar patrons in the Tri-Valley area.
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